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At BCG, we understand that your home is not just a place; it’s an expression of your lifestyle and personality. Our home remodeling design and development services are tailored to transform your vision into reality. Whether you’re looking to enhance the functionality of a specific room or give your entire home a fresh, modern look, our team of skilled professionals is here to make it happen.

Interior Design and Renovation

Revitalize your living spaces with our interior design and renovation expertise. From concept to completion, we work closely with you to create interiors that reflect your taste and meet your practical needs. Whether it’s a cozy bedroom, a functional kitchen, or a luxurious bathroom, we bring creativity and functionality together.

Kitchen Remodeling

The heart of your home deserves special attention. Our kitchen remodeling services focus on optimizing the layout, maximizing storage, and incorporating the latest design trends. From sleek modern kitchens to timeless classics, we tailor our designs to suit your preferences and lifestyle.

Bathroom Transformation

Create a spa-like retreat in your own home with our bathroom transformation services. We specialize in creating elegant and functional bathrooms that combine style with practicality. From contemporary master bathrooms to charming powder rooms, we handle every detail to ensure a seamless transformation.

Whole Home Renovation

If you’re dreaming of a complete home makeover, our whole-home renovation services are designed for you. We bring a holistic approach to remodeling, considering both aesthetics and functionality. From structural changes to interior design, we manage the entire process to deliver a cohesive and stunning result.



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Our team is comprised of experienced architects, designers, and project managers who share a common goal of creating exceptional spaces.

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    One of our specialist surveyors will visit your home to measure your room and identify utilities and services. It is a non-invasive survey meaning they will not move any floor coverings or fixtures during their visit.

    The home measure will typically take between 30-60 minutes.

    Your measurements will then be sent back to your Wren Designer and we will be in touch to arrange a Design Appointment in one of our showrooms at a time that suits you.